Basic Configuration Cisco Routers and Switch?

Configure Cisco Router Step by Step Guide

How to set the basic configuration of the router. Basic CLI configuration of the router or Switch includes configuration of the Router name change, IP address, Subnet, default routing, static and dynamic routing, static and dynamic , banner, enable password, secret password, user accounts, and other options. This Cisco commands allows you to configure your router in several network environments, such as small office, home office, Branch office, Regional office.

Cisco IOS supports many command modes, Those followings are the main command modes.

  • User EXEC Mode
  • Privileged EXEC Mode
  • Global Configuration Mode
  • Interface Configuration Mode

Change default Router/Switch name.

By default Switch name is configured on Switch. We can configure any name on Switch or Router. Hostname command will change the name of any router and Switch. For example following command will assign Lab Router name to the Switch.

Switch (Config)#hostname Lab Router

Lab Router (Config)#

Configure password on cisco Router/Switch.

Router is a critical device of every network. We need to secure Router and Switch from unauthorized access.

Set Password Console Port

Lab Router (config) #line console 0

Lab Router (config-line) # password King

Lab Router (config-line)#login

Lab Router (config-line)#exit

Lab Router con0 is now available
Press RETURN to get started.

Set a console password to cisco
Router(config)#line con 0
Router(config-line)#password cisco

Set a telnet password
Router(config)#line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)#password cisco

Stop console timing out
Router(config)#line con 0
Router(config-line)#exec-timeout 0 0

Set the enable password to cisco
Router(config)#enable password cisco

Set the enable secret password to Shabbir.
This password overrides the enable password and is encypted within the config file
Router(config)#enable secret Shabbir

Enable an interface
Router(config-if)#no shutdown

To disable an interface

Set the clock rate for a router with a DCE cable to 64K
Router(config-if)clock rate 64000

Disable CDP for the whole router
Router(config)#no cdp run

Enable CDP for he whole router
Router(config)#cdp run

Disable CDP on an interface
Router(config-if)#no cdp enable

Static route the remote network is, with a mask of, the next hop is, at a cost of 5 hops
Router(config)#ip route 5

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