20 Windows keyboard shortcuts

Basic Windows keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+Z: Undo

Ctrl+Z will revert back your last action. If you write paragraph in Microsoft Word or by mistake deleted. You can use this shortcut keys and your data roll back.

Alt+F4: Close apps

Alt+F4 shuts down all active apps and shutdown your PC/Laptop with this keys. Don’t worry it will show you to save your documents before closing.

Ctrl+A: Select all

This shortcut key lets you highlight all the text in a document or select files in folder. Ctrl+A keys save you time you otherwise spend clicking and dragging your mouse to select all text in document or select all folders one by one click.

Ctrl+W: Close

This keys Ctrl+W will close down. Close file explorer windows apps, web browser, or any open document.

Alt+Tab: Switch apps

When you are running multiple apps. Press Alt+Tab keys and you will be able to quickly switch all your open windows.

Windows+D Hide

You can hide all your running apps and documents just press windows+D keys and every running apps hide quickly. Press this keys again show quickly.

Alt+Space+N  Minimize

You can quickly minimize document or apps with this keys.

Alt+Space+M Move

Move your currently used document or open pages.

Win+Tab: Open the Task view

Like Windows+D keys, this shortcut switch apps.

Win+L: Lock your computer

Keep your computer safe from Win+L locks. The machine lock and returns you to the login screen quickly, Any unauthorized will need user anem and  password to login.

Win+X: Open the hidden menu

Windows 10 has a hidden Start menu, Open the Quick Link menu, that allows you to access all the system features. Device Manager, Disk Management, Event Viewer, Task Manager, File Explorer, Run Search, Power Option, Network connection to configure any hardware.

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